HOAX: global warning

Deepwater Horizon blowout a freak accident? We think not.


Rush Limbaugh, himself has just proved beyond a shadow of doubt that other forces were afoot.

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HOAX: Hive Of Atmospheric eXtremists

We are a group of hive-minded individuals convinced, indoctrinated and dedicated to the notion that human-caused Global Warming is an elaborate HOAX designed to keep rich scientists rolling in grant-funded splendor.

Further, we alone claim the world's non-renewable resources for this generation and this country only. As our God-given manifest destiny, we alone hold the knowledge, skills and superior standard of living to properly make use of these energies and materials, not the majority of the rest of the world, as some would have us believe.

The World is OUR Oyster!

Even though England was first to make extensive use of industrial coal, the fossil fuel banquet really began when we Americans learned how to burn oil. Ironically, at first we couldn't give it away! Good thing for us they ran out of whales, and then the internal combustion engine came along. Otherwise we'd all still be "Steam Punks" driving locomotive autos along tracks of steel, lighting the way with burning blubber.

It has been said that these resources will soon run out. Well, "soon" is relative. We're ready to make use of this stuff here and now, so we think that it is in the best interests of our country, our economy and ourselves to use as much of this stuff as we can as soon as we can.

After all, if people adopted reasonable conservation efforts and made more use of non-carbon energy sources, our economy would suffer greatly. The amount of money we would have available to buy our country's political power base will be severely limited. As a result, more progressive politicians would crowd out our people, further reducing profits, and potentially cutting back on our corporate bonuses, and even forcing us to convert our refineries into biofuel remediation systems, at great cost to our shareholders.