HOAX: global warning

HOAX: Denial

Denial River System

Contrary to what the liberal media would have you believe, Denial is indeed a River in Egypt. Two rivers actually. And mighty ones at that! Top researchers at The MacDonald Group have determined by years of pain-staking work that if you could channel all the energy from these big streams, we could build pointy tombs and, (dare we say it...) rule the world! But what of those two Denials? How do they fit into our day to day work-a-day world?

The Blue Denial

The Blue Denial, as its name would imply, is composed primarily of "blue blood" CEO stock, in control of many of the World's largest natural resource extraction corporations. This stream of consciousness could really care less one way or the other in regards to the planet's future, as long as a constant flow of profits is maintained. Additionally, with their massive amounts of accumulated liquid assets, they alone have the option to float their way out of any situation that may arise. Or so the belief goes.

The White Denial

By contrast, the White Denial is many hundreds of times larger and more powerful than the Blue Denial. In spite of this obvious fact however, the White Denial's course is set entirely by that of the Blue Denial. This is no doubt due to a lack of liquid as well as mental assets of the White Denial, which often results in major course changes initiated from the Blue Denial, that contain little if any logical substance.

The massive White Denial therefor is kept in check, by the much smaller, yet better funded, Blue Denial. This control takes many forms from the promise of eternal wealth and a full gas tank to the threat of lost jobs from hoards of alien brown people.